We’re Here Because “Recovered” IS Possible…

EDTAC was developed in response to the rapid expansion of treatment programs that offer dramatically different treatment approaches and philosophies. As a recovered person and a psychologist, I recognized that while this wide range of treatment options offers promising outcomes for some, there was no way to compare the programs which in turn makes it quite hard to select the best one for your individual needs.

When I began working with critically ill eating disordered patients I found that I was often reminded of my own recovery experiences; the many failed attempt, the hopeless feelings and the heavy toll my illness took on everyone around me. My goal in doing this work has always been to find a way to help others avoid much of what I went through. 

Now, many years later, I have partnered with other recovered professionals to present you with all we’ve learned both personally and professionally. While this site is scientifically informed, it has been designed for the use by the general public and as such you should find that our language is simple and we provide a great deal of information about every aspect of the treatment process. 

We hope that your experience with EDTAC simplifies the decision making process so that you or the individuals you care for can enter treatment feeling empowered, invested and able to focus on recovery success.

EDTAC is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, licensed in NY state. We are privately funded and as such we will not accept corporate sponsorship or advertising. This decision reflects our core commitment to our users to provide accurate & unbiased information for public benefit through direct content and research initiatives. Feel free to use our “contact us” link for additional information.