If you’re up for helping others kick ED’s butt you’ve come to the right place! See below for all the ways you can help others on their road to recovery. And as always, if you feel there is something else we can do to help those in the ED Community obtain stronger health faster, please don’t hesitate to reach out to let us know using our contact us form!

How We Can Help You…

Our national database of more than 250 programs has been built and maintained by information provided by our community, if you notice any of our info is incorrect please let us know, we would really appreciate it!
Whether positive or negative, your experiences with treatment programs offers valuable information for others who may be considering treatment. What’s better is that all the information you provide about your experiences will be used for research to improve treatment outcomes across the field. So please, let us know about your experiences.
Our events calendar allows you to tell others about eating disorders related events, so whether you run or attend a local support group; your having a fundraiser or planing a webinar, our events calendar is a good place to let others know about it.
Our forums create a space to offer and receive support and information from others in the ED Community. You can help others by posting topics you think would benefit the community.