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EDTXReviews was developed in response to the rapid expansion of treatment programs that offer dramatically different treatment approaches and philosophies. As a recovered person and a psychologist, I recognized that while this wide range of treatment options offers promising outcomes for some, there was no way to compare the programs which in turn makes it quite hard to select the best one for your individual needs.

This reminded me of my own failed attempts which left me feeling hopeless and took a heavy toll on everyone around me as well. Once I stumbled upon the “right” treatment for “MY” needs, I realized I wanted to do more to help others do the same.

Now, many years later, I present you with all I’ve learned both personally and professionally. While this site is scientifically informed, it has been designed to be easy to use for everyone with the goal to improve treatment outcomes in the future.

We hope that your experience with EDTXReviews empowers you to make the best choice for your needs so that when you or the individuals you care for can enter treatment feeling invested and able to focus on recovery success. To read our more extensive about us section please click here.

If you haven’t noticed we’re growing fast as a matter of fact we were mentioned in the NY Times recently and as a result we’ve been working day & night overhaul our site and we’re pretty impressed with the results and we hope you are too!

With this new design we have improved speed, reliability and security for our users! Yeah Us!

  • We’re working on obtaining non-profit status!
  • We’re looking into offering additional services such as online webinars or event hosting.
  • We’re working on the development of treatment scholarships and/or shared applications for scholarships currently available.

What you can expect from EDTXReviews.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive go to source for patients, families and treatment providers considering treatment options. Our site is the first and only ratings and review site of it’s kind, We don’t just offer reviews, we are a support community!

What sets us apart?

  • Our expansive knowledge of the Eating Disorders field comes to us from a variety of personal & professional experiences.
  • Our Extensive Rating & reviews for more than 250 treatment programs.
  • Our highly searchable nationwide database of contains more than 250 treatment programs to assist you in locating the best program for your needs.
  • Our Reviews support a comprehensive research Initiative that aims to improve the future of Eating Disorders Treatment.
  • Our nationwide event calendar.
  • Our Private & Public forums.
  • Our Provider & Professional Directories. 
  • Our Employment listings (for professional).
  • MOST importantly, we’ll never bombard you with advertising & you can rest assured that you’ll see all of our reviews, the good the bad & the ugly, because we’re here for one reason… You, the person in need & we’ll never sell you out for a banner ad!

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Recent Reviews

"This program played an important role in my recovery mainly with a support with behavioral intervention, normalization of eating/relationship to food, connection to my intuition and identity, and psychological challenges along with those. They provided me a very individualized care and accommodated my needs as an student who had to study for and take final exams while I was at the facility. Of course, no program is perfect, especially when it is brand-new (it was about only 6 months after opening when I was there). Some of the issues were staffing issues, program organization and..."
" Melrose is amazing and so supportive! I am physically sick with cancer and struggle with Ed hate my scars and they taught me how to accept them. As I prepare for major surgery they have been so supportive. They work with me to get all of my spy's on the same day as I drive a hour and a half there. The staff really cares about u as a person! "
"I felt like Castlewood's program was really good at digging into all of the aspects of my eating disorder & other mental illnesses. "It's not just about the food" is frequently said here. There's a lot of deep, thoughtful therapeutic work that they encourage you to do. It wasn't just rattling off coping skills, there was no filling out worksheets. That being said, much of what I leaned was CBT/ACT/DBT related it was just learned in a more process oriented way that felt much more effective. IFS modality sounds really bizarre at first, but when you sort of see it..."
"As someone who has been to this facility many times, if this review was written even 2 years ago, it would have been much more positive. ERC(when it was only located in Denver) used to be such an incredible facility that I would recommend to anyone who needed treatment. The staff was amazing, caring, and consistent. It was a safe place, and it made me feel less ashamed when o had to go back, because all of the employees and team meme era where amazing at what they do. Unfortunately, since the founders of the Eating Recovery Center have expanded..."
"Being at the Renfrew Center was life-changing for me. The overall atmosphere is one of calm, and encourages change through the trust and security established with the staff. At Renfrew I learned the tools neccessary to love, respect and help myself which I have continued to reflect on years after my time there. I cannot reccommend Renfrew enough. It is because of the help and support I received at Renfrew through their art therapy program that I was able to refocus my life around art. Their art therapy program allowed me accesss to the deep, scary emotions that I had..."
"It is vitally important that I personally testify that the Castlewood Treatment Center has done enormous harm to my entire family. My family was basically destroyed after sending my daughter for treatment of a relatively minor eating disorder to the Castlewood Treatment Center in 2011. It is important to note that she was a minor during the time she was treated at Castlewood. Very soon after her arrival, Castlewood staff encouraged her to alienate immediate family members and this was particularly distressing since family therapy is the empirically supported approach to eating disorders. Instead, to treat her eating..."
" I can not say enough about avoiding this program at all cost. We were lied to in the admission process. We had no communication with her team. We were told their was family therapy, and they didn't have a family therapist with ED experience on staff. They brought one in the second month, after we complained, and during a session, she called our daughter they wrong name...she didn't even know her name. Thier family week end, is bascially an ad, to get you to come their for a stay to fix your problem. ..."
"Left ama. Program was too big and not enough staff to handle was told 12 patients in res but is combined with partial so more like 30 patients at a time.Didn't feel safe or cared for. Also you stay at a different location than you have programming. Which I wasnt a fan of too much moving around all day. Not allowed to bed until around 1030 which is late if you have to wake up by 6. Wouldn't recommend "
"In general we were very pleased by this program. This was our daughter 5th admission so we knew what to do and questions to ask. The facility was brand new at the time, and beautiful. She was actually one of the first patients in their 24 hour care. I felt all staff was amazing, except her primary therapist was fresh out of college and probably overwhelmed by a patient with as many co morbids as our d. Did not run family therapy very well, and many times ended early as there was no direction. ..."
"The program is not inpatient so my answers around "month:year of admission" refer to when I began treatment. Manner of discharge was a required field but I am still in treatment (unfortunately I have not yet "made sufficient progress" but again, the field was required. I would like to mention that this program is very trans friendly. I was initially very nervous about that, but they have been super supportive and nothing but kind."

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