About our Provider Verification

Verified Providers will have this check mark on their profiles.

In order for a provider to qualify for verification they must have dedicated at-least 50% (annually) of their professional practice to the treatment and prevention of eating disorders, for a minimum of 10 years; have a current license in good standing and provide references from at lease two established professionals in the ED Field (who also meet the above criteria). We do not charge providers for verification and therefor our users can rest assured that providers can’t “buy” this distinction.

We here at EDTAC really care about helping our users get connected with high quality providers. While we seek to provide our users with the most accurate & up to date information, we can’t guarantee that the providers in our directory will be the best match for all of our users so we encourage our users to interview providers prior to beginning a therapeutic relationship with them.

If you have feedback about any of the providers in our directory that you would like to share with us here at EDTAC, please don’t hesitate to reach out to using our contact us form.