Dear Researchers,

We are accumulating treatment outcome data from Consumers, Caregivers and Outpatient Treatment Providers, when we reach viability we will make the raw datasets available to third party researchers. If you are interested in learning more about where we are in the process or if you have an area of specific interest you are seeking outcome data for, please let us know it may be possible for us to accommodate your request either through our current collection methods or the upcoming addition of our  “Research Corner”. We will be providing more information on the research corner when we are closer to the launch of this new feature.  

Areas we are currently investigating include:

  • Information related to the individual treatment experience at a treatment program, including: Admission Process ~ Floor & Support Staff (Techs, Nursing & others) ~  Treatment Team ~ Medical Care ~ Meal Quality ~ Atmosphere ~ Programming/Groups ~ Weekends/After hours Support ~ Rules & Structure ~ Challenge to Improve ~ Communication w/ Consumer ~ Outside Communication (w/ parents & OP Providers) ~ Insurance/Financial Assistance ~ Discharge Planning ~ Discharge Readiness ~ Overall Recommendation.
  • Individual Consumer Demographics
  • Treatment Group Demographics
  • Individual Consumer Treatment History

  • Theoretical Models
  • Treatment Modalities
  • Treatment Settings
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Target Populations including: members of the armed services, parents of young children, individuals of color as well as the disabled & LGBT populations.

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