If you’re looking for help we’ve got you covered & if you feel there is something else we can do to help those in the ED Community obtain stronger health faster, please don’t hesitate to reach out to let us know using our contact us form!

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Whether you’re searching for a Residential, Inpatient or Partial Hospitalization Program we’ve got you covered! Our advanced search allows you to search our national database of more than 250 programs based on location, payment options, treatment modalities and much more. Want to know more? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

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At EDTAC we don’t just ask “would you recommend this program” because we know there’s allot more to selecting the best care for your needs. That’s why we focus on all the little details of the treatment experience.

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You’ll also notice we’ve set it up so you can let us know which reviews are most helpful to you and report any that you believe violate our terms for posting. After all it’s all about helping you find the best care for your needs.

Currently we are in the process of building our Provider Directory, this directory will allow you to do a comprehensive search for outpatient eating disorders treatment providers in your area. Unlike other provider directories where everyone treats every illness under the sun, we here at EDTAC know that quality eating  treatment requires considerable knowledge and practice so we screen the providers in our directory and require that they dedicate a substantial amount of their professional activities to the treatment or prevention of eating disorders.

Lastly we recognize this may not be enough for some so we’ve introduced our Provider Verification which requires that a provider must have dedicated at-least 50% (annually) of their professional practice to the treatment and prevention of eating disorders, for a minimum of 10 years; have a current license in good standing and provide references from at least two established professionals in the ED Field (who also meet the above criteria).

Whether you’re looking for a local support group, a NEDA walk or a national conference, our Events Calendar is a good place to start. Our national database is growing every day so check back often for events in your area.
  • We have two types of forums for our users, our Public Forums are visible to everyone including the public. This forum offers a safe place to discuss eating disorders related topics, we often post information about research opportunities, and other announcements.
  • Our Private Forums are accessible to logged in members and offer a secure peer to peer message boards where members of each group can post messages to others within their group.  Some topics you may find in the private forums are:
    • Emotional Support
    • Sharing Progress
    • Questions about treatment types
    • Discussions on recent research
    • Ideas for working with insurance companies
    • Advances in Research
    • Professional Topics